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Flat Roof Problems

Are you concerned about your flat roof – a damp patch on the ceiling perhaps? It could be the first sign of water ingress!

In this situation you can do one of two things – ignore it and hope it goes away or call Greatwich Roofing before it gets worse.

A flat roof will have a life expectancy of between ten and twenty years depending on materials used and workmanship. So if your flat roof is over twenty years old it might be beneficial to get it checked out.

Free advice and estimates

Greatwich Roofing gives you free advice and free estimates with no obligation using high performance roofing felts which come with a fifteen or twenty year insurance backed warranty on labour and materials, which would still be valid, if for any reason that Greatwich Roofing was no longer in the industry.

Modern felts

Modern technology has developed roofing felts to be significantly superior to the old standard ‘rag’ based felts of the past.

The introduction of elastomeric / polyester / sbs modified felts will give you fifteen to twenty year guaranteed protection with a life expectancy of twenty five years plus.

As with all roofing work, experienced workmanship is key for the long term life of your flat roof and with twenty five years in the industry Greatwich Roofing feel we can give you this assurance.